The South African Litigation Funding Company








The  South  African  Litigation  Company  Ltd ( “SALFCO” )  is  a  registered privately owned company (Reg. No. 1995/012744/07) with its core business being that of:

  • The sourcing, selecting , securing and recovery of debtors claims mainly against companies and groups that have definite repayable ability.
  • To extend to selected clients the required litigation funds to appoint top tier legal teams and other professionals with the necessary skills, expertise and experience to act for claimants in any size claim / matter against any size defendant /opposition.
  • To undertake any Commercial Crime Investigation to assist clients to recover any asset / funds that were lost due to irregular and illegal activities
  • To compile Forensic Audit Reports to establish the correct amount of damages suffered by clients prior to undertaking of legal action.
  • To investigate Patent infringements and then advise and assist clients against any party that is infringing on their registered patents. 



SALFCO’s goal is to become the leading (as the first)  South African Litigation Funding Company. SALFCO will invest mainly into legal claims of R 50 million and more in value and will extend to claimants the financial backing and expertise to pursue these larger claims on a level playing field against financially stronger debtors/defendants. 



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